• Brooklyn, NY, USA

The Consensus Driven Map of the World

At FOAM, we are committed to building spatial protocols, standards and applications that bring geospatial data to blockchains and can empower a consensus-driven map of the world.

FOAM has three main components:

1) Crypto-Spatial Coordinate - An open-source standard for embedding physical location in Ethereum smart contracts.

2) The Spatial Index & Visualizer (SIV) - A visual blockchain explorer for creating, viewing, and interacting with Crypto-Spatial Coordinates on a web map. The SIV can serve as the front-end for decentralized applications and will facilitate FOAM's token curated registries for geographic points of interest.

3) Proof of Location - A protocol for decentralized networks to come to consensus on the location of objects and entities in space and time. It is broken into two categories: static and dynamic. Static proof of location allows FOAM Cartographers to apply token curated registries to geographic points of interest (POIs) to generate trusted and reliable POI data. Dynamic proof of location utilizes a decentralized and permissionless network of radio beacons to determine if and when a particular entity was at a certain location. It is done in a privacy-preserving manner and utilizes a Byzantine fault tolerant protocol to prevent fraud.