• Arlington, VA, USA

RiskSpan offers an end-to-end solution for data management, analytics, and visualization on a highly secure, fast, and fully scalable platform that has earned the trust of the industry’s largest firms.

Our platform integrates proprietary and commercial data-sets, both structured and unstructured. With built-in sophisticated predictive models and data analysis tools and an in-house team of industry experts, quants, and technologists, we provide you with powerful insights and a competitive advantage. We help financial professionals find a clear path through vast amounts of data, delivering precise analytics to understand it and the right technology to manage it.

From data management and analytics to governance, RiskSpan takes a holistic approach to help financial professionals maximize how they use data to create smarter, more productive, and competitive businesses.

We empower our clients to make accurate, data-driven decisions based on facts and analysis. We make data beautiful.