• Tokyo, Japan

Originally established as the core of SBI Group’s FinTech strategy in July 2015, SBI BITS has cemented its position as one of the leading Asian FinTech companies with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Dalian.

We provide full suite of key technologies for companies such as #1 PTS venue in Japan and Japan’s largest online brokerage. By utilizing and developing cutting-edge advancements in financial technologies such as Blockchain KYC/AML, Tier 4 data center management, low-latency co-location services, and the world’s fastest matching engine, we supply clients with bleeding edge financial solutions in an ever-evolving market. Furthermore, we have gathered IT experts from all around the world and currently boast an international working environment of employees from over 40 countries. Our top leaders, with more than 20 years of industry experiences in the FinTech industry, are spearheading the group.

Our identity is to be Asia's leading FinTech Company that changes with the times, providing Financial Technologies based on customer needs, and ensuring that we're relentlessly innovating, and totally committed to meeting the needs of our customers.