Adenovo Tech

  • Taipei, Taiwan

Adenovo is a Fintech company in Taiwan, landing assistance among target customers with the immediate need for car financing such as commercial car fleets and building relationship with strategical partners like China-based financial institutions, foreign financial institutions and leasing companies to expand the market, we receive funding from Alibaba Group and have branch office set up in Beijing and Shanghai.


AI Financial Risk Management

We are expert in the risk management of car financing. By introducing the cutting-edge AI technology in the traditional car financing process, we automate the process of user acquisition, paperwork, background check, underwriting and minimize the risk of bad debts at the same time. Adenovo helps families to get their financial service and make their life better.


Blockchain Technology

Adenovo provides several blockchain solutions for our strategical partners, we build the bond market platform for individual users with blockchain as well to optimize supply chain finance, the way the bond market currently works keeps many investors out, with a smart bond finance institutions could improve their capital utilization as well anyone could invest little and get a piece of bond, by offering this service, small and medium enterprises will have access to new financing options and micro-bonds could also be issued, all at close to zero cost.