DeepBrain Chain

  • Singapore

DeepBrain Chain aims to democratize Artificial Intelligence for the masses. Leveraging blockchain technology, we are developing a distributed, cost-optimized, and secured AI computing platform supported by a comprehensive ecosystem with a wide array of products and services.

DeepBrain Chain introduces a decentralized neural network enabled through blockchain technology opening up countless nodes across the globe with a supply of untapped computational power. In addition, we offers a privacy-protected data trading platform which, by separating data ownership from data usage, maximizes the value of data while ensuring data privacy. Meanwhile, our organization will offer a trading platform to share artificial neural networks to kick-start any deep learning initiatives. The common denominator of the trinity of compute, data, and the artificial neural networks is the DBC. Our DBC token is traded via smart contracts based on NEO. We aggregate a hybrid consensus mechanism combining both DPOS with POI.

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