• Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Technologies like AI, Robotics, IoT, Blockchain are attracting attention and have been said they will change our lives. However, very few companies develop a product or service by combining these four technologies. There is no doubt that IoT, AI, and Robotics will be the basis of people’s lives, and the key is to give reliability to data with blockchain.

Just like cars were composed of innumerable technologies in the 1900s and made a great impact on society, we are developing the integrated autonomous technology, “Connectome."​

[Major Achievements]

  • Selected for top 10 blockchain teams at Edcon, the global Ethereum Developer Conference.
  • Developed "Virtual Human Agent,” the virtual character that can recognize space and object and sense visual auditory in real-time by combining AR/VR and AI.
  • Conducted multiple proof of concepts with the second largest Japanese Telco, KDDI utilizing Enterprise Ethereum for the first time in Japan.
  • Developed the AI learning simulator, "Street"​ that enables artificial intelligence to learn every situation by making 3D models of humans, objects, environments, etc. and simulating their states and behaviors in virtual space. The technology was introduced to Honda.
  • Developed the AI engine "Eric"​ that comprehensively understands the video contents by analyzing scenes, detecting objects and judging the continuity.