Appiness Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India

We are a Bangalore based Product Development and UX firm specializing in Digital Services for the whole spectrum, from startups to fortune-500’s. We do not redefine anything or reinvent the wheel.

We work closely with startups to create their product and help it get of the ground, and continue support in scaling up strategies and technologies. For our blue-chip clients we bring in to the table our vast experience in bleeding edge technology and pleasurable UX.

We create a comprehensive soul for a brand in the online world. We create digital products that infiltrates the public realm and engages the targeted customers of our clients all over the globe through a multiple platforms of Digital Media, including web, mobile and wearables.

We have a young, passionate and aggressive team who are not afraid to think out of the box or tread the un-trodden path in order to deliver the best result for our clients. We call it Practical Creativity, where the belief is that the idea is only as good as the returns it fetches for our clients. We are not here to create immortal art; we are here to generate revenue for our clients. We believe in a dynamic and meaningful conversation between our clients and their customers for which we facilitate a medium.