• Sydney, Australia

Othera’s proprietary technology offers a unique solution to illiquidity and to the opaque investment trading practices that have dogged the financial services market for decades.

Othera provides loan originators with a simple and low cost method for issuing and trading real alternative assets, like loans, in near real time. Utilising blockchain technology, loan originators can automate lending workflows, digitise and tokenise loans and issue digital loan tokens to investors. This increases liquidity and facilitates loan- level data transparency across a range of alternative asset classes, and reduces the time and cost spent on fulfilling regulatory and compliance requirements.

In a systemically low- yield investment environment, sophisticated investors can now access higher yielding, fixed- income investment assets through the central digital exchange platform. Here, investors are provided greater visibility over tokenised loan assets including full asset provenance, loan repayment history, loan terms and the quality of the underlying security.

Our enterprise Blockchain Lending Platform and Digital Asset Token Exchange can be easily integrated into a lender's existing systems via API driven technology- with no change to the order of workflows.

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