ĀTO Platform

Āto Gallery is an innovative company that caters to art enthusiasts around the world. We offer gallery and museum quality artworks by acclaimed artists. We are a team of art dealers, engineers, and finance experts that understand online sales and user engagement. We sell art, educate collectors, and create patrons dedicated to furthering an artist's success and legacy using a unique DApp.

We are scouting the finest talent in the world to help us build our MVP then our full-scale platform to for artists. Artists will be able to track their artwork, prevent a counterfeit market from emerging, raise money through the sale of their token, engage with collectors, and much more. 

We will improve the collector experience with proprietary technology, unique tools, a revolutionary business model, and a stable of artists that will shake up the art market. Original fine art, prints, and digital artwork are available at ĀTOGallery.com. Be part of the next artistic revolution by changing the way we experience art every day and forever.