Cryptopia Limited

  • Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Cryptopia Limited was started in 2014 by Founders Rob Dawson and Adam Clark as a Cryptocurrency Exchange. Based in New Zealand, the Cryptopia Exchange has over 2 million global users and the world’s largest range of cryptocurrencies. Our focus is our passionate community of users and we aim to offer them world class service including a fast, secure exchange experience.

Ethically run and compliant with New Zealand regulations, our users experience premier support and fast response times, plus early access to new and innovative coins that have passed our stringent ethical, legal and technical requirements. The Exchange is simple to use, fast and secure. Users can deposit, trade or withdraw all major coins, trading pairs and new currencies. With access to dynamic charts, live coin information, world class service and the largest range of coins, Cryptopia offers users the best global transparent exchange platform to trade cryptocurrencies.

Ultimately, Cryptopia’s mission is to enable the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies to give people back control of their money through faster, cheaper and more efficient financial services. We aim to utilise Blockchain technology to open the Fintech sector to innovation and are working on a number of products and services to make this a reality.