M... premium blockchain #talent

President | Senior Blockchain Executive Recruiter

M... premium blockchain #talent


Who I Am
An ADP-AIRS Recruiting Academy certified Executive Recruiting Professional with a historic passion for market innovation and performance-raising talent. Powered by rapid market change, talent raising standards, and a personal goal to provide value to the Blockchain community.

Financial Services
Distributed Ledgers
Infrastructure Providers
Professional Services

Services Offered
Blockchain search for the best industry recognized leadership, c-class officers, senior executives, directors, managers, experts, and infrastructure candidates and clients.

We offer talent market intelligence | real-time pipelines | performance-based recruiting | consulting | partnerships | open-source industry events and multi-media content

Benefit To Talent
Achieve your goals and vision.
Align with cultures who support your success, reward you, and grow you.
Be part of something bigger than a job, but a community and industry changing the world through Blockchain.

Benefit To Clients
Rely on data-driven market assessments of top talent, your competitiveness to secure candidates, and solve current problems.
Cut through the fluff and optimize your organizations fast-forward top hires.
Get visibility to the best decision makers and community to impact markets and governance.

How We Do It
Intelligence on 18,000 market-identified c-class to expert profiles
10,000-hour tested systems and oversight
Video performance-based screens
In-depth learning test and domestic-international background 
24/7/365 global back office team with resources to exceed expectations
Insured in the US and internationally

We focus on bringing value to the Blockchain industry and community by providing open-source content, conversations, and e-events addressing innovation, problems, and infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Look to mbrands.co for upcoming events.

Schedule Time @ mbrands.co to move the industry, your business-cause, and vision forward.