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Welcome to 4Rev.

This is our new website and we are both very glad you are. We met at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where we worked together on a bond trading desk. Late in 2017, we both became enamored with cryptocurrencies. As we considered making cryptos our next career choice, we kept coming back the same question: where can we find reliable, informative research to help us make decisions? We were both inundated with information at our previous jobs such as Bloomberg terminals and Wall St. sell-side research reports but as we looked at cryptos we saw an empty landscape.

So we started 4Rev to solve that information gap both for ourselves and for you, our readers.

Our mission statement is to provide honest, reliable, unbiased information about global cryptocurrency markets. We see an enormous information gap and want to play a positive part in giving investors critical information for them to make decisions. We do not have all the answers, we can assure you, but we are willing to ask any and every question to make investors better informed. We aim to be considered a global leader in this important new field of cryptocurrencies.

Mike will be responsible mainly for content, and Varun will develop the site and lead sales. But this is such a small entity, we will both be doing a little bit of everything. We are excited to build alliances with writers and filmmakers as our site grows and have already forged close relationships with dozens of extremely talented individuals who will be helping us provide world-class research to you.

We hope you enjoy reading our site, and please let us know what we can do to tailor to your needs in the crypto space.

Thanks for being a part of the 4Rev community!