World Open Network, Inc.

  • Menlo Park, CA, USA
World Open Network, Inc. (WON INC for short) is a Series A funded company based in Menlo Park at the corner of the Dumbarton Bridge exit on Highway 101. Our team has significant strengths and successes in virtual currency trading, network security and game development and publishing with audiences over 100M. 
We believe that a global community should be open, sustainable, encourages diversity, innovation and thrives while reinforcing positive values throughout the world. Blockchain has laid the technological foundation to make this vision a reality. We’re committed to creating such a community and have name it the World Open Network (WON).
Blockchain technology is widely viewed as a breakthrough technology that will change the world of commerce, business, and how people interact and communicate. It offers opportunities to optimize transactions speed and transparency, introduces the potential for new types of peer-to-peer and simultaneous multi-party processes, all while reducing costs, inefficiencies, and fraud. 
Virtual currencies built on Blockchain technologies can serve as a force for good, helping to bring about positive change in our societies by offering incentives to all members to participate and contribute in achieving shared goals. Up to now, there has been little focus or investment in creating technology solutions focused on realizing these socio-economic benefits and opportunities. That is why we created World Open Network. Our goal is to build a global community which creates long-term value, rewards positive actions that improve well-being, and uphold our social and economic responsibility. 
To achieve this vision, we are developing 3rd generation open-source blockchain software, along with the network and exchange necessary for this community to thrive and prosper. The new blockchain will have significant benefits that address the growing need for transparency from regulatory bodies and protection for businesses and end-users. World Open Network is designed on strict policies for AML/KYC.
By focusing our blockchain on promoting respect for the community and rewarding social-economic actions that benefit the world, we believe WON will set a new standard in the crypto space. We strongly believe the blockchain, cryptocurrency, technology platforms, and community we are creating will help to solve real issues to change cryptocurrency on a global scale.