Alkemi Ai

​Alkemi offers a community-based liquidity solution to address the significant crypto-market price inefficiencies amidst fragmented centralized exchange markets; it further serves as a natural bridge to provide the liquidity required to support the influx of decentralized and peer to peer exchange platforms.

​The Alkemi decentralized protocol will be available to the crypto community with no upfront costs where users can earn more coins from their idle wallet crypto coin balances.

​Alkemi will scale its trade engine to power a crowdsourced liquidity network so users can automatically earn from crypto to crypto market price inefficiencies by inter-exchange arbitrage.

​Smart contracts allow Alkemi to accomplish this without ever taking custody of users'​ funds; they also enable decentralized fund management where the issuance of earnings is automatic to funders and distributed equitably to all parties based on changeless conditions