Bitchain Capital Blockchain Consultancy

  • Mayfair, London, UK

Bitchain capital is London's Premiere Cryptocurrency Consultancy for both Institutional and public clients. We help people navigate the blockchain landscape and teach people how to profit from the growth of this new and rapidly evolving industry.

We are also launching an ICO for the Bitchain currency, Capcoin Gold - CPG - a utility token available as part of a private sale that can be used to purchase goods and services from bitchain capital. After the successful launch of the cap coin gold we will be launching a second phase ICO for the capcoin, a "Fund-as-a-token"‚Äč investment vehicle that will be the main component of our E.T.T.F (Exchange Traded Token Fund™) Europe's first ever totally tokenised exchange traded fund vehicle.

We aim to revolutionise the private finance industry and also the public investment sector by opening accessibility to funds and fund management and through the tokenisation of what was once only part of private investment practices.

We invest heavily in to a large multi coin portfolio and also mining operations to consistently grow the fund and we are the first ever currency to peg its tokens value to the total value of its holdings. Giving you an assured and trusted method of investment. This dramatically decreases the risk of volatility and increases the ability for long term gradual growth.